Atlanta bankruptcy attorney Shannon McDuffie

If you are facing financial difficulties and have questions about whether filing bankruptcy can help you, then you deserve advice from a bankruptcy attorney with integrity, experience, reputation and results. Get guidance from me, Atlanta bankruptcy attorney Shannon D McDuffie.

Call me at 404 418-8879, or email me to set up your free initial consultation with me in my Decatur office.  I offer appointments around your schedule, and I offer affordable payment plans whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.   Read reviews my clients have written about the excellent service I’ve provided them by visiting my profiles at Google+, and

I understand the difficulty you may have in calling a bankruptcy attorney, and I promise to take as much time as needed to listen and guide you. I know you are confused about bankruptcy the means test, which chapter to file, and whether you’ll be able to keep your house and car. I will provide bankruptcy information to you that you can trust.  I will be with you throughout the entire process–from our first phone call or email, through your discharge and fresh start.

I will use the bankruptcy code to your advantage to protect you and your assets. I routinely stop foreclosures, end wage garnishments, strip second mortgages, discharge thousands of dollars of my clients’ unsecured debt, avoid judgments, handle tax claims, negotiate reaffirmation agreements, help clients to surrender properties, defend clients from creditors and the bankruptcy trustees.


The decision to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not to be taken lightly, and it is important that you hire an attorney  who will take the time to help you decide if filing is the best solution to your unique financial situation.  The ‘biggest filer’ in Georgia may not give you the attention you deserve. 

Filing bankruptcy can sometimes offer some people a legal means to solve their financial problems.  It is a powerful solution.  It is a final solution.  It is a holistic solution.  But, it is not a solution for everyone.

You and I will need to talk to decide if filing bankruptcy will help you.  If we discover that it can, then I will explain to you why it is almost always more cost effective and more efficient to file bankruptcy than it is to be eaten alive by creditors who will not stop pursuing you.


I will thoroughly analyze your assets, liabilities, and income before advising you about which Chapter you should consider filing. There are sometimes compelling reasons for potential clients to not file bankruptcy, and if this is the case for you, I will explain other legal options to you.

I am also a zealous consumer advocate.  I pride myself on my ability to help my clients level the playing field with regard to their debts and creditors.  An informed client gets the most out of this process; My job is to educate you.


I can’t tell you how often I see bad outcomes that could have been avoided  with proper legal representation.

For example:

  • I have met with families after they’ve filed a Chapter 13 petition, paid their attorney, paid court costs, only to see their cases dismissed because they couldn’t keep up plan payments. This doesn’t solve their problems or stop creditors’ harassment.
  • I have fixed botched bankruptcy filings by inexperienced and careless dabblers in bankruptcy.  This is an area of law that is way to complex for dabblers to experiment with your money and property.
  • I have met families who were told by their attorney to file Chapter 7 petition, only to discover that it was pointless because the family had no assets for creditors to attack. In the end, only the attorney gets paid in cases like these.
  • I have met families who were advised that it would okay to give away certain assets prior to filing, only to lose these assets when they were accused by the Trustee of making fraudulent transfers.

These outcome can be avoided by careful planning and consultation with an attorney who cares about you and your case. Avoid attorneys who try to tell you what to do without fully investigating your situation and options.


Bankruptcy is the most powerful tool along a spectrum of choices that exists under Federal and State law to protect your family and financial position.

Bankruptcy rules are extremely technical, and subtle details may make big differences in the outcome of your case. As a consumer lawyer, I am here to help you deal with the court and your creditors. Because I have a smaller practice, I can offer you personal service and responsiveness that larger bankruptcy mills cannot.

I will treat you with respect and compassion, and I will give you my honest opinion about your particular situation. I am not a bankruptcy factory, and I will not undertake needless filings.  I also don’t take on more clients than I can serve.

My reputation is built by satisfied clients and positive outcomes. Once we agree to work together, I will be with you every step of the way, and also assist you re-enter post bankruptcy world.

You will meet with me, not a paralegal or junior staffer.  I will be at all of your court hearings with you, not an appearance attorney (someone you’ll never have met until you get to court, and who won’t know the first thing about you.)  When you call my office, you get me on the phone, not my receptionist.

Take comfort knowing that I will get your entire story before I advise you about your best options.  I do not rush clients to file.  I do not, and will never, guarantee legal outcomes in your case.  I do, however, offer guarantees about our attorney-client interactions that other firms cannot:

  • I guarantee that I will answer your phone calls and emails personally.  I will make every attempt to return phone calls within 24 hours and emails the same day received.
  • I guarantee that I will personally be with you at your court appearances.  I will personally prepare you for court.
  • I guarantee that threats, collection calls, bills, statements, demand letters, and general creditor harassment must cease upon proper notice of your bankruptcy filing to your creditors.
  • I guarantee the fee I quote you in our written agreements.  I take time to analyze your case.  Unless it’s beyond our written agreement, you will never be billed for phone calls, extra work, time, or effort to handle your case.
  • I guarantee that I will keep you updated about the status of your case as it progresses through the court.  You will always know ‘what’s next.’  You will have always receive copies of what I file on your behalf. You will understand my strategy.


Call (404) 418-8879 or email me to set up a brief phone consultation where I will gather facts about your situation, help you understand the process bankruptcy, and discuss how you might benefit from filing.

There is no fee for our phone consultation, or our initial meeting.