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Atlanta Attorney Shannon McDuffie

An experienced Atlanta attorney for your divorce or bankruptcy, a practical practitioner, and a compassionate guide to help you take your next steps.

Atlanta attorney Shannon D. McDuffie represents clients who are considering either divorce or bankruptcy, or perhaps both. If you are looking for an Atlanta attorney to guide you through the stress of these life-changing events then you need advice from an attorney with an excellent reputation, proven results, integrity & superior client service.

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Experienced. Practical. Compassionate.

Though my office does not assume that you will be filing both bankruptcy and divorce, I am here to advise you about how your potential life plans will impact your financial future. Because I am equally versed in financial matters as I am in family law, I will be able to inform you about your best options and help you find the best solution for your particular situation.

If you’re planning to file for divorce, you’ll be glad you consulted with an Atlanta attorney who understands the intersection of your vision for your family with your money and property (and who has experience finding and valuing assets that can be hard to track and prove). There are too many family lawyers who avoid comprehensive asset protection and planning and who instead focus only on providing a boiler plate divorce.  You’ll be glad you met with me when we start talking about where you see yourself in future years and how decisions you make today can help you get to a place you will want to be.

Hiring my office to represent you means that you get access to me when you need it. Yes even when my office is closed and yes even via my cell phone and text. I want you to understand what’s going on with your case and I want you to have access to me as you need it.

I invite you to read my client reviews to see what my clients think about the service I provided them. After you’ve read these reviews, I think that you’ll agree that my clients have found the decision to hire me to be a good one for them, and I hope you’ll consider hiring me to assist you.

It’s natural that you have many questions about your options, and while you won’t find all of the answers to your questions about bankruptcy and divorce here, you will find the answers to many commonly asked questions. You’ll get a sense for my practice philosophy. Hopefully you’ll finish your visit ready to set a meeting with me for a consultation where I will have the opportunity to listed to you answer your questions and begin the process of guiding you with reasoned and practical advice.

I will encourage you to take your time deciding what to do.  I am a huge advocate for having the best informed clients and I want you to take sure-steps as you move forward with your life.  Remember that when you file for divorce, when you file for bankruptcy you are almost certainly guaranteed the outcome (you will be divorced at the end of the proceedings, unless you are ineligible, you will be discharged of your debts).  In two years, in five years, what will matter more to you is the details of the case. Did you get the visitation schedule that works best for you and your kids? Did you file bankruptcy at the right time to discharge your tax debts? Are you paying the right amount of child support? Are you getting the right amount of child support? Are you able to live the life that you want to live?

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