Georgia’s Bankruptcy Courts

Georgia’s Bankruptcy Courts

Where you live determines which bankruptcy court in Georgia will handle your case.  In addition to figuring out where to file, we will need to determine whether you qualify to use Georgia’s exemptions.  I will guide you through this analysis.

This information is intended to provide information to you about Georgia’s bankruptcy courts. I’ve linked to the courts websites in an effort to educate you about about our state’s bankruptcy courts.

Bankruptcy courts are federal courts.  Most states have more than one federal court that is housed in a ‘district.’  There are three districts in Georgia–Northern, Middle and Southern.

This is important because you will appear in the court that handles cases from where you live. (Yes, it’s most often the court that is geographically closest to you).

If you live anywhere in metro Atlanta you will likely file in one of the Northern District courts, which is headquartered in Atlanta, with additional divisions in Rome, Newnan, and Gainesville.

If you live south of Atlanta, in or around Athens, Macon, or Columbus, you will likely file in one of the Middle District courts, which is headquartered in Macon, with an additional division in Columbus and periodic circuit in Athens.

If you live in or around Augusta, Savannah, Statesboro, or Dublin, you will likely file in one of the Southern District courts.