How soon after filing will debt collection calls stop?

When will debt collection calls stop?

Trust me, I know you’re sick of being called ten times a day by joe-blow debt buyer over debt that you would have paid already if you could have afforded to. But how after filing will debt collection calls stop?

The debt collection calls stop when creditors receive notice of the filing of your bankruptcy case.  Most of the big credit card companies and banks subscribe to a centralized electronic database that provides notification of filing within a day or so of a petition being filed.

Some of the big debt buyers subscribe to the same service.  If you’re in default on payments, your debt may have already been sold off to one of the debt buyers.

Smaller creditors wait for the paper notice to come from the court.   I must give notice to all of your creditors of the filing. That means I want that stack of bills from whoever says you owe them money.  This can take a week or so.

Once you become my client, I will give you my explicit permission to tell your creditors to call me.

If your creditors continue to call you after receiving notice, they get to talk to me.  If they take unwarranted action against your assets after receiving notice of your filing, I will sue them in the bankruptcy court for violating the automatic stay.