What is a Bankruptcy Trustee?

What is a Atlanta Bankruptcy Trustee?

There are three types of Atlanta Bankruptcy Trustee in our court.

Chapter 7 trustees.  These are attorneys like me, who do creditor work.  There is a large panel of Chapter 7 trustees that are appointed by the court to preside over Chapter 7 cases. Chapter 7 trustees are primarily interested in determining whether or not you have non-exempt assets, and determining whether you are telling the truth in your petition.

Chapter 13 trustees. These trustees are appointed by the United State Department of Justice to preside over Chapter 13 cases.  There are 3 Chapter 13 trustees in Atlanta–Nancy J. Whaley, Mary Ida Townson, and Adam Goodman. Chapter 13 trustees are primarily interested in ensuring that all of your projected disposable income goes into your Chapter 13 plan, that you make regular plan payments, and that you are telling the truth in your petition and schedules.

The United States Trustees are employees of the Department of Justice, and they preside over bankruptcy cases administered by Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 trustees.  The U.S. Trustees will put you in jail for perjuring yourself, committing fraud, and hiding assets.