Atlanta Divorce Attorney Shannon D. McDuffie

An Atlanta Divorce Attorney Who You Can Trust.

With the right Atlanta divorce attorney on your side, and a well-planned strategy, you will have options and maintain the ability to control how the process moves. Consider hiring my office to provide you and your family with practical and compassionate advice.

My office runs differently than most other divorce practices.

I understand the difficulty you may have in calling an Atlanta divorce attorney, and I promise to take as much time as needed to listen to you, and guide you to a practical and efficient resolution. I know that you are intelligent, and I will treat you with respect and compassion.  I will give you my honest legal opinion about your particular situation. I do not advertise. I am not a divorce factory, and I will not undertake your case without knowing that you understand and approve a strategy that we have customized for the facts of your life.

Unlike other Atlanta divorce attorneys, I don’t take on more clients than I can serve personally. That means I don’t delegate interacting with you to my staff. I will be with you in court. I answer my own phone, and send my own emails and texts to communicate and keep you informed–just like you use these tools in your own life.  It is my goal to get you through this with your dignity and bank account balance in tact. I don’t want this to be the year that you really started hating attorneys–or that you lost faith in the legal system.  I want this to be the year when things got better.

Divorce is, unfortunately, something that many couples consider at least once over the course of their marriage.  If you’re thinking seriously about divorce, then it’s likely time to find an Atlanta Divorce Attorney to talk to–maybe this meeting happens before you talk to your spouse, maybe the meeting happens with your spouse, maybe after you’ve talked with your spouse. Wherever you are, my office is prepared to answer your questions and plan a strategy to take care of your kids, your property, your money, your future lives.

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It is said that the reason that unhappy couples haven’t divorced ‘yet’ is because while one spouse wanted a divorce at one time or another, both spouses weren’t ready to divorce at the same time.  It could be that only you are ready, that only your spouse is ready, or that you are both ready to split.  These are very different psychological entry points into divorce, and we will first spend time talking about where you are and how you want to proceed.  Once I’ve heard you and understand your goals, we will talk a lot about strategy and timing and preserving the things that are important to you and your family.

I hope that you won’t need to hire me to handle both your divorce and your bankruptcy, but I also suggest that if you are thinking of divorce that it may make sense to also consider whether a bankruptcy is needed to get a true fresh start.

It will get better.  You get control over your life back.

It’s important to acknowledge that even if your marriage was relatively conflict-free, the process of divorce can be the most emotionally, mentally, and financially draining prospect you’ve undertaken. And yes, even if you fought like crazy, the process of divorcing can be worse (in the short term) than the problems you’ve endured in your marriage. If you’re considering undertaking the process of splitting up then I think it is because you realize that a future where you are your spouse are apart will be better for you and your family. You’re willing to endure a period of uncertainty and turmoil for that peaceful and fulfilling future.

I’m here to minimize the duration of that period of time when you feel uncertain. I’m here to guide you through the turmoil and to help you control the risks and fears you face.

Let’s start that conversation.

Before we start, let’s check in on one thing: are you and/or your children unsafe around your spouse?

If there has been an act of violence, or the threat of violence, or if you are in a situation where your spouse is making you or your kids unsafe, then I urge you to get away from your spouse quickly and take steps to keep safe.  Here’s links to where to get safe: Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence and DeKalb County Domestic Violence & Elder Abuse Unit.  Please get safe before you call any attorney about filing a divorce.

Once you are safe from immediate harm, you may need to get a temporary restraining order to protect yourself and/or your children from your spouse. There is no fee to get a temporary protective order that will last 30 days. You don’t necessarily need an attorney to get the temporary order, but I am happy to talk to you about your situation and explain the process to you.  Here’s a link to how to get a temporary protective order In DeKalb County.. You will need an attorney to get a longer order (particularly if your spouse will contest the hearing) and I’m also happy to talk with you about that.

How to Get Started with Atlanta Divorce Attorney Shannon D. McDuffie

Call or text me or send me an email to set up a meeting with my office. Because of the quality of advice and time that I spend with clients, I typically charge $250 for the initial meeting (I use a sliding scale for clients of limited financial means), and I will always apply the consultation fee to your account with my office if you retain me within six months of our initial meeting.