Attorneys, on Dave Ramsey, on Bankruptcy

I’m a huge fan of AM radio, and have on occasion taken in Dave Ramsey’s show. I enjoy his no-nonsense advice about managing your pocketbook and delaying gratification until you can afford to pay cash.

But–I take umbrage at his ranting against bankruptcy. And I LOVE this blog from Oklahoma based bankruptcy attorney Dan Lunley. Dan is a fellow NACBA member and is currently blogging about Dave Ramsey on bankruptcy.

If you’ve heard Dave Ramsey’s show you know that he tells his listeners that bankruptcy will ruin your life and cause the ruin of your marriage and all things you cherish.

Check out his blog here. Check out other bankruptcy attorneys who comment on Dave’s opposition to bankruptcy.

Debtors you are not alone. Don’t make decisions about your financial future without talking to an attorney who will advise you honestly about your situation.