Black Friday November 26th 2010

Black Friday November 26th 2010

If you’re Thanksgiving was anything like mine, you are sitting in front of your TV set right now watching the Who Dat Nation try to hang onto their slimming lead over the Cowboys.

You’re stuffed and a little bit sick from too much food (and maybe too much wine).

You’ve seen the commercials, your email account has been assaulted with it, your newspaper was besotted with ads. Unless you live in a Yurt, you know the deal.

Tomorrow is Black Friday.

Are you ready? Is your wallet ready? Where will you start? How much will you spend?

Each year, I devote a special blog post to you dear reader to remind you that Black Friday is called Black Friday because it’s traditionally the day when retailers’ balance sheets go from red to black.

It’s not the day when consumers balance sheets realize any benefit.

It is the day when Americans go completely crazy spending money on gifts for their loved ones, themselves, anyone and everyone.

We are a nation of consumers. That is part of what makes us uniquely American. We sometimes believe the fallacy that it’s possible to ‘save more when we spend more.’

You can’t. You won’t. The fact is that you won’t miss anything if you opt out of Black Friday. You’ll skip the after-guilt from buying things that you wouldn’t buy if they weren’t on sale. You’ll minimize the January hang-over when you open your credit card statements.

Tomorrow, I’ll celebrate my 12th ‘Buy Nothing’ day. Yes, some years I’ve caved and bought something(s). Yes, I maintain a short list of things I’d buy tomorrow if I weren’t celebrating Buy Nothing day. No, I don’t expect you to think Buy Nothing day is anything worth adopting.

But, I do give you permission to stay out of the shopping center and offline.

Buy nothing.

Kiss your children and your squeeze. Be glad you’re not in Haiti. Be glad you’re not making a living as a debt collector. Balance your check book. Throw some of that money you were going to blow into your retirement account.

If you’re struggling under the weight of your debt, it’s time to call me to discuss your options.

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