Does filing bankruptcy mean that you’re a deadbeat?

Does filing bankruptcy mean that you’re a deadbeat?

Before clients call my office, they’ve usually spent time on my website educating themselves about what would happen if they decided to file bankruptcy. I use the my website and blog to provide as much information as I can because I believe that an educated client is the best client.

I wish there was also a way for me to reach out to people who haven’t yet found my website, or other sources online, because they believe that seeking out my advice would be a form of admitting that they have problems that they cannot solve alone, and that if they filed bankruptcy then they would be viewed as a deadbeat.

A shrink would say that this is denial coupled with fear. I say, whatever it is, an unwillingness to get advice about bankruptcy is extremely dangerous in light of the fact that creditors and debts are not going anywhere–especially in Georgia.

I almost fell off my chair when USAToday published this June 9, 2010 article documenting what I know to be true: Yes, the number of people who are filing bankruptcy these days is stratospheric, but Only a fraction of those in need file for bankruptcy.

This article describes a reality that you might be faced with right now. That is, many Americans can’t afford to file, or would not get relief from filing. But how do you know if this is you? How do you know if the debt burden you’re carrying is one that could be discharged in bankruptcy?

Are you relying on what someone said at church? Are you relying on a sign you saw by the side of the road? Are you resisting getting advice because your sleazy neighbors down the street filed for bankruptcy and appear to have not learned a thing from filing? Did you hear something stomach-turning about deadbeats from your boss?

Are you not calling to get advice out of denial and fear?

If so, I hope you’ll think seriously about your family and your future and take the time to be advised by a reputable bankruptcy attorney like me. My advice is free–and my knowledge is hard won. I can’t help everyone and if I can’t help you using the bankruptcy code, I’ll tell you.

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