Forms You May Receive After you File Bankruptcy

Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it through the first hurdle of escaping debt and getting your fresh start. You’ve filed for bankruptcy (hopefully with the help of a bankruptcy attorney!) Now what happens?
Will the collection calls stop immediately? No unfortunately not. Creditors are allowed as long as one billing cycle before they are sanctioned by the court for violating the automatic stay that your petition put in force. The good news is that you get to tell them that you’ve filed and that they should contact your attorney if they have questions for you (won’t that feel wonderful?).

Over the next several days and weeks following your filing, you will receive mail from the clerk of your local bankruptcy court that might cause your blood pressure to rise. Don’t let it, and don’t be confused by terms and language that can sound scary. Deep breaths are in order!

Iowa Attorney Jeff Mathias wrote a blog entry in 2007 that will explain some of the terms you’ll see in these forms.

Check out his post and check back with me for more, more & more.

yours in consumer advocacy,