How to Pay for your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

How to Pay for your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

I know from web analytics that one of the most commonly clicked parts of my website is:
How Much Does it Cost to File Bankruptcy. My clients aren’t cheap–they’re strapped.

Once they’ve accepted that filing bankruptcy is the only way out of their dire straights, many clients worry about how they are going to pay for their bankruptcy attorney. Sometimes that fear stops folks from calling. Sometimes it makes them defensive when they finally get the courage to call me.

Sometimes it takes getting down to a person’s last $100 before they’ll call me. If you’re down to that last bit of money, then now is not the time to wrap your head around bankrolling thousands of dollars of attorneys fees.

Let me save you heartache and antacids.

Do you realize that filing Chapter 13 allows you to pay off your attorney through your plan? That means that you can pay very little to file Chapter 13.

  • Yes, you’ll get breathing room because your first plan payment won’t be due for a month.
  • Yes, you can time it such that your current month’s mortgage payment and car note payments can be included in the plan (along with arrearages).
  • Yes, you can stop the wage garnishments that are taking food out of your kid’s mouths.

Please don’t think you can file Chapter 13 by yourself. File alone and you will be dealing with a somewhat cranky Chapter 13 trustee who will have many many objections that make no sense. Your plan will most likely fail. You will most likely have your case dismissed without discharge. That means that the bankruptcy will be on your credit report, and you will have not gotten any closer to the fresh start you deserve.

Please don’t waste time with an attorney who either won’t take the time to explain Chapter 13 to you, or who clearly has no experience filing Chapter 13 cases. You wouldn’t hire a plumber to do heart surgery (but pipes are pipes, right??). You wouldn’t hire the check-out clerk at the gas n go to do your taxes (but she handles money, right??).

Hire a bankruptcy attorney who gets you and who gets your case.

Call me and I will explain the clear advantage in hiring an attorney who
1. Cares about you
2. Gets affordable cases confirmed.

I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll collect all of my fee via your plan. I set my up-front fee and in-plan fee after meeting with you. But I am guaranteeing that I’ll work with you.

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