Yes, I do want to make a federal case of it – Bankruptcy

Yes, I do want to make a federal case of it – Bankruptcy

In general, I am debtor’s counsel in the bankruptcy court. That means I most often represent debtors who seek to have their debts discharged either via Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

As defense counsel, I am akin to a defense attorney. I will be preparing you for an inquiry into your personal finances that you cannot possibly anticipate or navigate without my help. I will be defending your actions and getting you to the other side of the shore.

There are occasions however, when I act on behalf of creditors who need an attorney to act on their behalf. My favorite type of creditor is one who has been duped or screwed by an Ex spouse, Ex business partner, or Ex friend in the bankruptcy court.

Yes, I do want to make a federal case for creditors like these.

I do this because the individual who is attempting to screw my creditor-client doesn’t deserve the protection of the Bankruptcy Code. He or she (or ‘it’, if it’s a corporation) has done something bad, and is trying to hide the bad action in the discharge.

Yes, I very much want to make a federal case of it.

I routinely file what we call either ‘Adversary Proceedings’ or ‘Dischargeability Motions’ to get the mess straightened out. There is nothing sweeter than recovering money or property for my clients.

Do you think that you’re about to be screwed or duped by someone who filed bankruptcy?

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