On being shot at while at work – Memorial Day

On being shot at while at work – Memorial Day

November 11th–11 AM

It is now another 11th Hour of another 11th Day, of another year. Nations once honored this day as Armistice Day. Our long dead relatives once gathered together to give thanks that our soldiers weren’t dying violent bloody deaths in wars brought on by sociopaths. We thank God for that fact on Memorial Day now.

Armistice day we now save for our veterans. We thank God that they are here and that we can see them and cherish them. Our soldiers get paid to get shot at while at work.

What an amazing and terrifying proposition.

We are here working in our safe environment assuming that the details of our regular lives will unfold uneventfully. Some of us are bored. Some of us are not.

Our soldiers are hoping for a slow day–zero casualties.

I encourage you think about the difference between your job and those soldiers’ jobs. And I encourage you to think about what motivates you in life and what you really seek to protect.

It’s only money my friends. Protect what you need to protect. Take the action that you need to take in order to protect. Get real about this life and the things in it.

Is it time to take stock of your financial situation and take action? I don’t know. Need help deciding? Call me.