Opting Out of Credit Card Solicitations

Here’s a post for readers who may or may not be in dire straits.

Last November, I wrote about how you can enjoy year-round credit monitoring FOR FREE. Here’s the link to that blog entry: DIY Free Year-Round Credit Monitoring–here’s what I do.

After several months of not getting any credit card solicitations in your mail box, you may have noticed an uptick in the number you see now.

Supposedly Big Credit is only sending out offers to consumers who they’ll actually give credit to, so if you’re not seeing the uptick, it could be because your credit score isn’t high enough to warrant their attention. (This change occurred as a result of the credit card reforms that took hold this Spring.)

If you have noticed the uptick, I hope that you’ll take my advice and elect to OPT OUT of these credit card offers.

Because you don’t need more credit cards.
Because you don’t want to do business with Big Credit
Because the ‘offers’ you get in the mail are not worth your time.
Because you’ve learned something about yourself and the temptation that comes from having numerous credit cards, and you want to take temptation out of your life.

Visit the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website and follow the link that enables you to either opt out online for 5 years, or permanently via the US Mail.

What happens next?
You’ll be taken off the lists that the bureaus use to sell your data to Big Credit. You won’t see offers for credit cards, but you can still obtain a credit card if you find that you need one. I suggest visiting Card Ratings to compare card offers. Please heed my advice about not incurring debt where you bank. Don’t even consider getting a Wachovia credit card if you also have a checking or savings account with Wachovia. Why? Here’s my blog entry on banking where you owe money: What you need to know about your bank account before you file

Know that if you are in financial straights, now is not the time to get new cards with the hope that they’ll save you from needing to file bankruptcy. Please, please, please call me before you head down that road. There are potentially serious consequences waiting for those who transfer balances between cards, or who max out newly obtained cards on the eve of filing bankruptcy.

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