Show love for the one’s you love this Valentine’s Day

Show love for the one’s you love this Valentine’s Day

You love your spouse, partner, SO–right? And yes, today is Valentine’s Day, I know the deal. You want to give that gift. Your partner will lock you out if you don’t.

I write to challenge you to show him or her that your serious about how much you care by opting for financial prudence and restraint this Valentine’s Day. Go the extra step and sit down with your loved one and talk about how you can improve the way you spend money.

Here’s a link to an article published in today’s Washington Post by Michelle Singletary about that talk.

Attorneys are expecting to see an increase in the number of clients seeking divorce soon after the job market returns to normal. I’ve already noticed an increase in clients who are contemplating both bankruptcy and divorce.

Before you go deal with the twin dragons of divorce and bankruptcy, I challenge you to do what you promised you’d do the say you said those vows. Your vows told your partner, and your friends & family what you’d do when things went south in life (remember the whole for better, for worse bit?).

Your financial problems may not be solvable. You may need to file bankruptcy in order to escape the financial predicament you’re in. You should call my office if you’re wondering what your options are in the bankruptcy court.

Your marriage, on the other hand, may be salvageable. Conflict is a normal and inevitable part of long-term relationships. One of the keys to success in dealing with conflict, and saving your marriage, is being of like mind with the way money is spent. So, sit down and talk about your money and your situation. Strive to be of like mind with your plan for the future. You’ll need help understanding your options and developing a plan for how you’ll deal with your financial problems.

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