Advantages of an LLC | LegalZoom

A limited liability company offers many benefits. Below are some of them.

Limited Liability: 

One of the most significant advantages of a Limited Liability Company is that it provides limited liability to the owner or owners of the business. As we have seen above, this means that if someone sues the company, they are only entitled to the assets that are owned by the company and not to the owners or investors. As a small business owner, it is essential that you protect your personal assets, as an employee’s lawsuit or negligence can be incredibly expensive.

Less paperwork: 

Another benefit of an LLC is that it doesn’t carry the extra work that a corporation requires. Corporations must organize shareholder meetings and keep detailed records of transactions, changes in company rules, and more. When you run a business, your time is scarce and valuable, so it’s good not to have to worry about shareholder meetings or to complete unnecessary paperwork.

Tax benefits: 

A Limited Liability Company provides many tax benefits to its owners. An LLC does not fall within a specific tax classification so that it can adopt the tax status of a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation. Most business owners choose to classify as a sole proprietorship to take advantage of the transfer tax. This means that, instead of having to pay personal income taxes and also company income taxes, the profits of the company are only considered in personal taxes. This saves a lot of money for the business owner and the business itself. Find out here everything you need to file taxes as an LLC.

The flexibility of corporate structure:

 A corporation has a concrete organizational structure that includes a board of directors responsible for overseeing company policy and who is elected by corporate shareholders. LLCs, however, do not have to have a board of directors. This gives business owners more power and control over the operation of their own business.

Access to business loans: 

Corporations are rarely approved for business loans, as they generally have more capital and are not believed to need the help of a loan. On the other hand, a Limited Liability Company is more likely to be approved to receive a greater variety of commercial loans.

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