Apostille On Federal Documents – Which One Is Right For You?


Planning to start a new job in a new country or need dual citizenship? Whatever the case may be, legal documents are necessary.  Moreover, apostilled documents become compulsory when the matter is related to the member countries of the Hague Convention. It might not be easy for you to get documents apostilled as the process is long and tedious. 

Whether your documents are personal or commercial, you land in a dilemmatic situation about how to get them apostilled. The US Department of State Office of Authentications has the right to apostille your documents that suit your particular needs. If such is the situation, you can consult an expert who can guide you. 

The Right Apostille Service For You

One should know the type of legal documents that need to be apostilled by the department. There are five such documents.      

  • Naturalization Certificates
  • FBI apostille for background checks
  • INS documents
  • IRS documents
  • Certificates to Foreign Government     

While it may seem easy to start apostilling your documents by yourself, there is a lot to know. The initial process starts with visiting the US Department of State Office of Authentications to submit physical documents. This follows by a lot of paperwork that is time-consuming. You have to wait for 9-12 weeks to get it complete. But what if you need them urgently?

That’s where FBI apostille experts serve you with their quick service. They offer 100% online apostille services where the user can order their services. Upload your documents in PDF format and get relaxed.

Where the self-attaining process takes up to 12 weeks, these experts will get it done within five working days. They submit your request to the respective officer to speed up the procedure post which the time-length reduces. That’s how your apostilling becomes a convenient process without any hassles. 

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