Are Family And Divorce Laws The Same?

Couple divorcing

The legal field of family law is wide and includes a variety of connected concerns. A branch of family law, “divorce,” traditionally only relates to the dissolution of a marriage. 

Although the title “divorce lawyer” is frequently used, a divorce attorney is merely a professional who works in the field of family law and facilitates divorces. A variety of legal subjects are included in the larger field of family law. Some of the common ones include mediation, paternity, domestic violence, spousal or child support, child custody, legal separation, child visitation, and non-marital cohabitation.

Many people are unaware of the number of specialties available to various family law fayetteville nc practitioners. These categories include, among others, adoptions, appeals, minors’ counsel, conservatorship, guardianship, and conservatorship. Lawyers who specialize in these fields will typically devote the majority of their practice to that area.

Divorce and Family Law Can be used Interchangeably

Although the phrases divorce and family law are sometimes used interchangeably, as the aforementioned definitions show, they can actually signify different things in practice.

Family law attorneys who handle divorce cases are known as divorce specialists. In certain cases, but not always, they may be qualified to represent you in other family law-related matters. Prenuptial agreements, guardianship, adoption, and conservatorship, to name a few specialties, are often not handled by lawyers whose practice is heavily slanted toward divorce. The majority of family law professionals working in these fields also don’t deal with a lot of divorce cases.

Attorneys who practice family law do not have equal or similar expertise. You want a lawyer with experience and courtroom familiarity if your divorce is contentious. The State Bar of California awards the title of “certified family law specialist,” which calls for a specific amount of experience, ongoing education, trial experience, and recertification every five years. This specialty is only available to a select few family law practitioners whose business is focused on divorce.

Find a lawyer with experience and skill in the practice area of the issue you are facing if you require legal representation for family law issues. Lawyers with several disciplines may occasionally work for the same firm of lawyers. Other times, you might come upon a company that just focuses on one thing. As often one area of law may have an impact on another, be sure to speak with numerous family law attorneys. For instance, child support and paternity are related.