Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents


Generally, the traffic rules apply to the public who use the road in any mode of transportation, so even bicyclists are advised to follow the standard protocol, but unfortunate events can happen in any place at any time regardless of the preventive measures taken. 

Like other accidents, bicycle accidents are common and unpredictable. It can arise due to several reasons like a distraction, unnecessary overtaking, and overspeeding next to a vehicle. Additionally, damage due to a bicycle accident can be severe since a bicycle is light-weighted compared to any other vehicle and can easily get damaged even with a small crash. 

Even the bicyclist can become a victim of impactful injuries like breakage of bones, head injuries, injuries in the back, and chronic joint pain, which requires strict medical aid and treatment. Hence, if you seek compensation for a bicycle accident, you can contact a Portland bicycle accident attorney who can provide effective advice on fighting for the claim.

Here are some common causes of bicycle accidents:

Despite following all the safety measures, you might accidentally become a victim of a car crash. The following are some of the common causes that can result in an unfortunate bicycle accident. 

  • Failure to yield.

The failure to yield at merging lanes at an intersection and roundabouts can often result in an impactful collision between two vehicles. Even if a bicycle passes through an intersection, a driver is expected to allow his right of way.

  • Avoiding red lights.

It is strictly advised that the public stop when the traffic light is red and slow down when it is yellow. If a driver fails to do either of them while a bicyclist is crossing the road, it can occur. Hence, following traffic rules is crucial.

  • Weaving through traffic

Even if there is heavy traffic, a driver is expected to stay patient and drive along with the slow passing of other vehicles. Sometimes, drivers may start weaving through traffic while not noticing bicyclists riding on the same road. This often results in accidents that can be avoided easily if the drivers had not weaved through.

  • Speeding.

Speeding on regular roads can result in unfortunate accidents since different vehicles like trucks and buses are often driven slowly due to carrying passengers and goods. Few cyclists slowly ride through the road as well, so if a driver starts speeding, then there are chances for an accident.