Top Questions You Might Have About Personal Injury Law


Personal injury law seems very complicated when you first look at it and the truth is that this is exactly the case. Everything can be incredibly complex and you do need the services of personal injury lawyers in Scranton PA whenever you want to file a personal injury claim.

While it is close to impossible to talk about everything related to personal injury law, let’s just focus on some top questions you might have. This should give you a basic guide that will help you make smart choices.

What Should You Do After The Accident?

The most important thing to do after an accident when injured is to get treated. If you do not end up in the emergency room, take some videos or photos of the entire accident scene. Then, get contact information from witnesses and other drivers.

Make sure that you do not admit any fault and that you do not apologize. This might seem polite but what you say might end up being used against you when you file a personal injury claim. When you suspect someone at fault, get in touch with a personal injury attorney to see what your options are.

Can You File A Claim When You Feel You Are Not Hurt?

A case might still exist even when at the scene you feel you are not hurt. People react differently to traumatic situations than they might expect. The adrenaline that goes through your body might actually reduce how much pain you feel. Some time might pass and you will then feel pain and develop symptoms of an injury.

Make sure to go to the doctor as soon as possible after the accident even if you do not feel anything. Keep in mind that many of the very serious conditions actually emerge over time and they are not instant.

Do I Have A Case?

Nobody can tell you this without looking at the details of the accident and the evidence that exists or might exist. Filing a personal injury claim is not a decision you should take alone. The best thing you could do is to arrange a free meeting with a personal injury attorney to go over your case.

Your attorney will tell you if you can sue someone and exactly what you can expect. This is something that can only be determined based on the law and accident facts.

To put it simply though, in most cases, a case exists when there was a party that acted with negligence and caused the accident that led to your injuries.

What Should You Do When Contacted By An Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance adjusters are very fast and they might contact you shortly after the accident. What you need to do is to avoid speaking with anyone in the litigation without the supervision of a personal injury attorney. You might see that the other person is sympathetic and friendly but these are just ways in which the adjusters try to take advantage of you and coax some settlements.

The best response is to tell that insurance adjuster that he should contact the insurance company or your attorney.