What are the Major Causes of a Car Accident?


If you have been injured in a car accident, it may leave you depressed and financially drained because you will have to pay for the injuries as well as damages. These destructions are quite disturbing and a person may have to take various steps to recover from the losses. Some people even want to file a lawsuit to claim the compensation with the help of a Houston car accident attorney. Prevention is better than cure and it holds true when it comes to road accidents. Below mentioned are a few reasons for the car accidents:

Bad weather 

In most cases, car accidents happen due to bad weather such as rains, snowfalls, storms and floods. Due to these conditions, the roads get wet and slippery to such an extent that it becomes difficult for anyone to drive the car. Moreover, the visibility during these kinds of conditions becomes zero. Even the highly skilled drivers and cannot drive on the roads properly. It is not recommended to step out of the home if the weather is unfavorable.

Driving under influence 

It is the most common cause of road accidents. If you have had drinks or are under the influence of drugs, you should not drive. Not only can it put your life in danger but also the lives of people who are driving on the road. There are several penalties imposed on drunken drivers. However, you must act like a civilized person and avoid driving when under influence of alcohol and drugs. When you are intoxicated, you will not be able to think properly and drive safely on the road.

Distractions while driving 

Distraction is one of the common causes of a road accident. It has been observed that mobile phones are the major reason for distraction. You should not attend to your calls or reply to the messages while driving. Even if you are looking in other directions, it can cause distraction and hence, result in road accidents. 

Exceeding your speed while driving

Every state has a speed limit to follow which is for everyone to follow. Due to the speed, the collision can be very dangerous and the accident can prove to be fatal for one or more people. You will not have time to control your vehicle if you are driving at a higher speed.

If you have met with an accident and you want to claim the losses, you should get in touch with an attorney.