What can be done if we met with a slip and fall accident?

if we met with a slip and fall accident

Several people around the world undergo a slip, trip and fall accident. These accidents are unpredictable; they can occur anytime, anywhere to anyone. It mainly takes place because of another person’s mistake. For preventing such circumstances, it is necessary to maintain parking lots, public areas, buildings, bridges, roads, and footpaths. It is fine to look for aslip and fall accident lawyer.

You must follow all these steps if you met with a slip and fall accident

  1. Since you are injured badly in the accident, you must search for the nearest health care facility. Health is everything, and it should be your first preference. Get the treatment for your wounds. Make sure that the hospital correctly documents your injuries. These documents are vital shreds of evidence that can help you in receiving settlements for your damages.
  2. Report the slip and fall accident right away; it doesn’t matter where the accident took place. Ensure that you are getting the incident details in writing. If the accident happens at a general store or a building, you have to report it to the landlord or store manager.
  3. Take details of names, contact number, email address, residential address of the witnesses. With their statements, you may be able to pursue a legal claim. Click pictures of the spot where you fall. Note down the exact time and date of the incident.
  4. Share all the information with the cops, which includes your purpose of visiting that place, what you were doing before the accident, how you fell and other related details.
  5. Look for the best slip and fall injury attorney in the hood that will aid in recovering the money that you deserve.

Common injuries due to slip and fall accident

  1. Bruises
  2. Broken bones
  3. Spine injuries
  4. Tissue or organ damage
  5. Head injuries

Slipping and falling can bring loads of injuries. Consider the most trusted personal injury attorneys in Gainesville GA in such situations.  The slip and fall accident lawyer always works under a contingency fee contract. This means that if you win the case, then you have to pay some percentage of the compensation amount to the slip and fall lawyers personal injury.


Those were some instructions that you need to follow after such an accident. Seek the finest personal injury attorneys in Gainesville GA for yourself if you are suffering from brutal damages.