Calculating Child Support in TN

Calculating Child Support in TN

When a couple splits up in Tennessee — or any other state for that matter — and there are children involved, child support needs to be calculated to determine if one party needs to pay the other. Even when there is joint custody involved, one parent may still pay child support to the other parent to help cover the child’s basic needs.

So how much does a parent pay in child support? It depends. There are formulas in place to help with the calculations.

Income Share Method

Tennessee uses the income share method for calculating child support. This refers to the amount of money dedicated to the child in the household before the parents split up. This amount is factored into child support, as it is designed to ensure that both the custodial and non-custodial parents contribute to their child’s care. The non-custodial parent pays a percentage of the calculated cost that is based on their share of the combined income.

Support payment amounts are then connected to the custody split. The more parenting time and custody a parent has, the less they will pay in child support. Tennessee law accounts for shared custody. In cases where custody is shared, the amount of child support paid will be reduced according to the amount of time they have custody of the child.

Medical Expenses

Tennessee law allows for additional deductions based on medical expenses. Under the extraordinary medical deduction, the parent paying child support must assist in any massive and recurring medical expenses the custodial parent must pay for the child’s care. Extraordinary medical costs are different from routine medical expenses where parents divide the expenses not covered by insurance.

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Tennessee uses an income share method to help determine child support. This incorporates various worksheets to help determine the amount to be paid based on child custody.

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