Reasons Why Young Drivers May Be A Threat To Road Safety 


Hundreds of thousands of teenage drivers annually get into car accidents and incur severe physical injuries in the US. Seeing your teen behind the wheel and taking control of their life can be great as a parent. However, when the same teen gets injured in a car accident or gets into a fatal car accident, the situation can be unbearable and have a devastating outcome on the entire family. 

According to the data collected every year, there are thousands of teens that indulge in fatal car accidents. Unfortunately, this situation can mess up everyone around. You can seek financial compensation if you or someone you know gets into a car accident. Speak to a personal injury lawyer louisville ky, to know your options! 

Talking about teenage drivers, there are various reasons why they get to indulge in car accidents. Let us check out some of the top reasons why young drivers may be a threat to road safety below! 

  • Young drivers have comparatively low experience. 

Driving also requires experience. With higher experience, a driver knows about the whereabouts of driving. Compared to older adults, young or teenage drivers are inexperienced, and when they encounter a new situation while driving, they may not know how to react or what to do, causing a collision. 

  • Intoxicated while driving. 

This does not come as a surprise by seeing how young drivers are contributing highly to intoxicating legal and illegal substances. Two of the biggest contributors to intoxicated driving are the consumption of alcohol and marijuana. Even though it is illegal to drive while intoxicated, young drivers contribute highly to violating the law. 

  • Texting and driving. 

With the increase in social media usage, it is yet not another surprise how the younger audience is lured in by their phones. Often, they cannot resist texting and driving, and in a survey, around 38% of high school students admitted that they tend to respond to texts or emails while driving. Additionally, texting and driving are one of the major distractions that lead to car crashes. 

  • Reckless driving. 

Teenage and young drivers are more involved in reckless driving. While reckless driving is common in older drivers, teenage drivers have been observed getting into reckless driving, leading to them changing lanes wrongly, making illegal turns, and overspeeding. Street racing is another common trend followed by teenage drivers, contributing highly to car accidents. 

While these behaviors can result in a negative outcome for your teen driver, other people on the road are also at risk of getting into a car accident due to these practices. Therefore, it is vital to educate them about the do’s and don’ts to ensure maximum safety of the driver and those around them.