TN Visa Renewal: What You Should Know


The TN visa status is an excellent non-immigrant visa classification available to citizens of Canada and Mexico. With a TN visa, you can live, work, and bring your dependents to the United States for extended periods of time. The TN visa can be renewed or extended over its initial validity period of three years. For Mexican citizens, a standard option is to extend with the USCIS, or renew at a consulate/embassy. For Canadian citizens, the USCIS extension option is available, but it also possible to renew directly at the port of entry. In this guide we will walk you through TN visa renewal process. If you have any question or need help with filing your TN visa petition, best immigration lawyer houston  is here for you. Feel free to contact us today!

What is A TN Visa?

The TN Visa is a non-immigrant visa classification available to citizens of Canada and Mexico. With a TN Visa, you can live and work in the United States for extended periods of time. The TN classification allows you to work in the United States for up to 3 years initially, and can extend over & over without limit.

To qualify for a TN visa, you must have specialized skill and willing to work in the United States within one of the professions mandated by NAFTA. You must also satisfy the academic standard and credentials required for the profession you are employed to fulfil.

TN stands for Trade NAFTA. The TN visa is based on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Treaty. With a TN visa, your spouse and children are eligible for TD status. With TD status your spouse and children cannot work but they can go to school. See investment visa in usa  to know the type of status that permits your spouse and children to work in the united States.

How To Renew A TN Visa?

TN visa renewal process is almost the same as applying for the first time processing. You must include sufficient evidence that you are maintaining your status for more duration. Evidence of your Canadian or Mexican citizenship, an employment contract, a company support letter, and other supporting documents is required in your renewal process.

How you choose to approach your TN visa renewal will depend on your situation. In some cases, one may apply through the mail by filing an extension of status with the USCIS. Canadian citizens have the additional option of applying at the border with Customs and Border Protection. Mexican citizens can apply at a U.S. embassy/consulate or to the USCIS if they like.

Applying through Mail

An extension of status is a petition filed with the USCIS to extend your non-immigrant status. To do this, the U.S employer will need to file a Form I-129 through the USCIS on behalf of the TN employee. Know that the U.S employer is the petitioner and the TN employee is the beneficiary. Together with the I-129, the employer must also complete the TN requirements with the I-129. The employer must also include a support letter and other documents attach to the form.

If any dependents are applying for an extension of their TD status, an I-539 form should be filed with the petition.

It’s essential that you plan your extension of status carefully. If you travel outside the US while your I-129 is pending, it could result in your petition being abandoned. If you file for an extension and do not have the time to wait, you may opt for premium processing. It allows for the USCIS to issue a response to your petition within 15 days.

Border/Consular Renewal

If you are a Canadian citizen, you have the option of applying for a TN visa renewal at a port of entry. As stated, the process is similar to the initial application process. A $50 fee is required when applying at a port of entry, and $56 if crossing the border by vehicle. At the port of entry, a Customs and Border Protection officer will analyze your evidence. The officer will likely ask questions regarding your planned job duties, professional background, etc. If you satisfy the TN requirements and pass the interview, they will admit you into the United States and grant you TN classification.

Mexican citizens, while not able to apply at the border or at port of entry, can only apply for a TN visa renewal at a U.S consulate. During the visa interview, you will likely be asked questions about your planned job duties in the United States, your qualifications, and other related questions. Once they are please with your response, your TN visa will get approval.

TN Visa Summary

To Summarize TN Visa in simple term;

  1. The TN visa is for citizens of Canada and Mexico
  2. With a TN visa, you can work in a profession listed on the TN Occupation List. You must meet the academic and experience requirements of that profession.
  3. The TN gives you up to 3 years of status in the United States, and can be extended over and over with no limit.

Finally, we have now discussed some effective ways to extend your TN status or renew your TN visa. Also, summarized what TN visa in reality. If you are still confuse or will like us to further guide you on your TN status processing or other types of visa filing, speak with our mejores abogados de inmigracion now.