When Is Tax Representation Required?


When do you need tax representation? Paying a tax professional (such as those hired by Levy & Associates) to act on your behalf before the IRS or another agency is known as tax representation. Here are five instances where employing a tax professional would be well worth the money.

The IRS is terrifying. Let’s face it: discussing your debt with a powerful authority figure might be daunting. If you’re worried about speaking with the IRS, you must be able to admit it and take steps to address it. If you’re afraid of talking to the IRS, our tax professionals will be able to handle your case with objectivity and clarity, which is far better than you could hope for on your own. Furthermore, knowing that the problem is being handled – without having to worry about it – provides a tremendous sense of comfort and peace of mind.

You haven’t submitted your taxes in several years, or the IRS has done them for you. Going without filing your taxes is never a good idea. When the IRS decides to be proactive and files your missing taxes for you, it becomes a significant problem for you. Rather than stressing about the complexities of addressing your tax issue, contact a tax professional for assistance.

When you owe the IRS thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, you may expect them to be more aggressive. The more you ignore the debt, the larger it becomes, the more worried or furious you become, and the IRS becomes more aggressive. Hiring a professional from Levy & Associates will assist keep negotiations neutral and amicably resolve the matter.

You’ve been notified that your case has been assigned to a Revenue Officer, the ACS Large Dollar Unit, or Regular ACS. This is a warning sign of impending disaster. Having a professional on your side ensures that your rights are respected and that your debt is addressed efficiently, avoiding the need for levies or asset seizures.

You’re on the verge of harsh collection tactics, including levies and asset seizure. Getting a levy removed or lowered is a difficult and time-consuming process. We’ve tackles hundreds of cases just like yours. The knowledge gained from dealing with these types of difficult talks will be beneficial to you.

If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, contact Levy & Associates at 888-411-LEVY. Whatever you’re going through, we can assist! We have offices all across the country and are available around the clock.