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When should you hire a criminal defense attorney in Ocala?


Criminal defense is a must especially if you or your loved ones are facing a serious criminal charge. However, most people are often worried about the expenses of hiring a lawyer. This is because not everyone is capable of having the best lawyer for self-defense. However, when it comes to criminal cases, there is nothing costlier than the price of going to jail. Often, people fail to realize that hiring a lawyer in the initial stages can help you save a lot in the long run. Depending on the kind of charges, you’ll need a good lawyer to safeguard your rights. Criminal defense lawyers in Ocala, FL is the best to advise you on the right course of action and secure your future. In this regard, it’s important to know when you should hire an attorney.

Whether you are at fault or not, fighting a criminal charge, especially if you’re falsely accused is a big tribulation. Hence, you’ll need to have someone by your side to guide you throughout the process and also give a better understanding of the legal system. Having a criminal lawyer is highly beneficial because they also help you to understand the complexities of the Ocala legal system and at the same time offer the best remedial solution to your problem.

When to hire a criminal lawyer?

Below mentioned are some of the top instances where you’ll need the help of a criminal lawyer.

  • Assault and battery charges– These are two different violent crimes that involve threatening and causing harm to the other person. The act is considered battery if the victim is physically touched by the offender. Such cases include 15 years imprisonment or fines up to $10,000. This is a serious criminal offense so one should take consultation with the criminal defense lawyers in Ocala, FL so that the Ocala courts can take the right decision.
  • Drug charges– Narcotic substances like Marijuana are illegal. So if you possess, consume, or engage in trafficking, then you can be inflicted with severe punishments, including life imprisonment. Numerous narcotic substances are banned in Florida so if you associate yourself with any of these drugs at any level like cultivating, possessing, or trafficking, then you’ll be facing serious consequences.
  • Theft charges– It means stealing someone else’s property without seeking permission or authorization. However, the term ‘theft’ is much more comprehensive. It includes both grand theft and petty theft. Grand thefts are those which include stealing property worth $30,000 or more. The offense will be considered a misdemeanor if the stolen property is more than $300 but less than $750.
  • Sexual offenses– Florida has got some of the strictest punishments for those engaged in sexual offenses. The gravity of the offense will depend on the victim’s age, the offender’s age, and other circumstances.

Besides this, you’ll also need to seek consultation with the criminal defense lawyers in Ocala, FL in case if you are accused of domestic violence, probation violation, DUI, Robbery crimes, and Juvenile offenses.