4 Most Common Workplace Injuries


Workplace injuries are more common than they are heard of. Employees have very minimum information about workplace injuries and workplace injury compensation laws. If you want to know more about workers’ compensation laws, click here

However, some of the most common workplace injuries are listed as follows:

1. Strains 

If you are reading this blog on your laptop or phone, you will know the amount of pressure you feel on your neck and back. People who are involved in lifting up heavy goods or work for long hours on their laptops will experience strain. 

Employers must see that they train the employees properly and give them comfortable work setting to prevent such injuries.

2. Slip and Fall injuries

It is very common in workplaces and the results of this accident can be minor to severe. People can end up breaking their hips, and limbs or get severe spinal cord injuries in a slip-and-fall accident.

Ensure to put proper signs if there are wet floors, installing railings wi the crowded workplace, and encouraging the employees to wear slip-proof shoes will help in preventing such injuries 

3. Collisions and crashes

If you are an employee at a car agency, truck agency, or any other driving agency, you might face an accident if the vehicle is not properly maintained. This is the most serious kind of workplace injury which might have fatal results. 

Employers should take the maintenance of vehicles very seriously. Poorly maintained vehicles and any technical fault might cause catastrophic accidents.

The employers are also suggested not to put excess pressure on the drivers. Pressure to meet the deadline might make the driver drive faster causing accidents.

4. Repetitive motion injuries

Administrative, processing or manufacturing work can involve a repetitive motion to get the job done. The employee might perform the same repetitive motion every day, once a week, or on simultaneous days. These motions might cause harm to the physical health of the employees. 

Employers should ensure that the workers get suitable work conditions and rest while working to prevent such injuries. A few other measures to prevent this kind of injury is to conduct yearly health check ups to ensure that the workers are fit and fine.


Other than these, cuts, burns and bruises, and mental anxiety due to work pressure are solo very common workplace injuries. Employers must prioritize their workers and their health as they are the company’s backbone.