Can A Divorce Lawyer Help With The Custody Of A Child?


Divorces are life-shattering, and it only gets worse if you have your children involved too. While a divorce lawyer will help you with your divorce if you have things that need to be dealt with child custody you can contact a divorce lawyer who is also good with child custody cases. Grand Rapids child custody lawyer are such lawyers who will help you with the custody of a child and ensure that the child is safe and not deprived of any rights. 

Here are the ways how a lawyer can help you with child custody:

Inform you about the parent’s rights 

With your separation from your spouse, you will reach a new legal territory. There are new rules and regulations that you will have to follow. A child custody attorney will ensure that you are informed of all the rules and regulations you have to follow till you get custody of your child.

Develop a legal strategy

Your child’s safety will be the top priority for the lawyer who is involved in your case. Depending on your records, the lawyer will make a petition asking for the child’s custody and show the court how the child will benefit by staying with you. The lawyer will establish the child’s wishes, the environment at the home and how is the bond of the child with you to pursue the judge and jury to make the decision in your favor.

Emotional guidance 

A lawyer who is dealing with child custody cases for a long period will know the emotions that this particular case has attached to itself. They will support you emotionally and give you legally sound advice on how you can do better to get custody and support yourself emotionally.

They will help you with the paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork involved in a child custody case. You might not find your ground if you are set to do them alone. A lawyer who is dealing with child custody cases for a long time knows the importance of paperwork and will help you fill them up. They will further ensure that the documents are submitted within the deadlines. 


If you are worried about your child’s safety and want them to stay with you, hire a divorce lawyer who has a specialization in child custody. They will help you get a suitable result.