Do you have a valid workers’ compensation claim? Find here!


As a worker, you deserve a safe work environment. Sadly, on-the-job mishaps are pretty common in Washington. You could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you were injured at work. The problem is that many workers do not understand the system or know their dues. Whether or not you have a valid claim depends on several factors. You need to contact consultants and attorneys specializing in workers’ compensation to get a better idea of your case. Here are some relevant things that need your attention.

The basics

All employers, regardless of the sector or industry, are required to have workers’ compensation coverage for employees, and this is a no-fault state. An employer can contribute to the Washington State Fund or buy insurance separately. Whether you are a full-time worker or your immigration status, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. As long as your injury is related to your job or you are diagnosed with an occupational disease, your claim is valid.

What if you had a pre-existing condition?

A person may not be in perfect health when joining a job. Even when you had a pre-existing condition that was asymptomatic, you can claim workers’ compensation benefits when your job has aggravated the same. Let an attorney evaluate whether you can file a case, which also depends on other factors. No two workers’ compensation claims are identical, so it is best to seek personalized assistance. Once the attorney knows the basic details, they will file the claim with the Department of Labor & Industries immediately. If you delay doing that, you may have a hard time proving the relationship between your injuries and the accident. 

Hiring an attorney

Not all lawyers are the same, which requires you to find someone who has not only filed workers’ compensation claims but can also fight for you when needed. The best lawyer should also have some knowledge of personal injury law, as many injuries at work are also related to third parties. Ask the attorney what they would charge, but the norm is a contingency fee, which is related to whether you recover your benefits. Your lawyer should not only explain the various aspects of your case but must share details of your ways and means to recover the settlement, especially if your initial claim was denied.

Check Google and social media sites now to learn more about top-rated workers’ compensation lawyers and meet a few potential options in person. The first meeting with an attorney is always free.