Facts About Wrongful Death in Texas Due to Car Accident 


It is soul-crushing when you lose your loved one. And, not due to some natural causes but due to negligent actions due to someone else. And, this could have been completely avoided if the other driver had followed the Texas driving rules and maintained safety. A car accident lawyer helps anyone who has lost their loved one to file a wrongful death case, and if proven right, the party who has done it would be paying compensation. 

You lost your loved one because of the carelessness, negligence as well as the wrongful act or unskilful driving of the party. Proving that the death was not a natural one, and it could have been avoided if the party was careful, this would allow you to get some form of compensation but only when you have a skilled and experienced lawyer by your side. Here are facts you should know about wrongful death in Texas and how you should be proceeding further.    

Who is Eligible to File a Claim: 

Texas law has always set up rules to make people understand who could file a claim. The first pointer would be being a direct descendant. And, if not, then a close relative. The titles would include, a surviving spouse, children, parents, and adoptive children of the spouse. Most of the time a sibling of the deceased would not be allowed to file a case and this is where many require the help of professionals.

Survival Damages: 

Texas law also allows survival damages to be paid by the wrongful party. The survival damage is what the deceased would have recovered. This is the case they have survived with the help of a car accident lawyer who understands the schemes of the insurance and provides guidance on how to proceed. The damages would often include the physical damage, the trauma, the emotional damage, as well as the medical pain, and the expenses.  

Miscellaneous Type of Damages Compensated: 

There are specific damages that would be compensated. And, this is supposed to go to the members who are the surviving ones from the deceased’s family. The types of damages provided are mental anguish, lost inheritance, companionship, as well as counsel and support.  

These are some of the factors to keep in mind regarding any wrongful death in Texas due to a car accident or where a third party is involved. While choosing a car accident lawyer, experience, and skills are two factors you should not be compromising with.