Hiring The Best Personal Injury Lawyer


The demand for quality legal services is always high throughout the year. Whenever you need to hire a lawyer, you have to compare all the top-rated lawyers to identify the best attorney for your needs. It is crucial you search the web for more information that can help you to make an informed decision. If you need to hire a personal injury lawyer, be sure to make a list of only personal injury attorneys. With the list in hand, you can save a lot of time when narrowing down your search. Below are things to consider when looking for a suitable injury lawyer, like our recommendation of franchilaw.com:

Area of Specialization

You have to check the areas of specialization of different firms. This is because it does not make sense to hire a lawyer who has never handled similar cases in the past. Since you need a personal injury lawyer, you have to make a list of lawyers who have previously handled similar types of injury cases in the past. For instance, you have a medical malpractice suit, you should give special consideration to personal injury lawyers who have specialized in personal injury cases.


The amount of experience a lawyer has must be checked. You are looking for a lawyer who has previously handled similar cases in the past. To quantify experiences, therefore, you have to check the total number of injury cases handled by different lawyers as well as the total number of years a lawyer has been in practice. This will help you to choose the most experienced lawyer. Experienced injury lawyers know how best to argue out their cases and help clients get the desired outcomes.


It is imperative you read reviews written about the lawyers on your list. You also need to check ratings and go over testimonials before you commit yourself. Firms that have the highest number of rave reviews and a lot of testimonials should get special consideration. Reputation is an important factor of consideration for a variety of reasons. For starters, the reputation of a lawyer will have an impact on the outcome of the case. Therefore, you want to be represented by a lawyer with a great reputation in the industry.

Success Rate

You want to be represented by a lawyer with a high success rate. Therefore, you should compare the success or win rates of the shortlisted injury lawyers. Those with the highest win rates should be given special consideration. After all, lawyers with a proven track record of winning cases can easily help you get a similar outcome.

Legal Fees

Obviously, you want affordable legal services. It is important to note that injury lawyers usually charge contingency fees, so you do not need to pay any legal fee upfront. It is only after winning the case that the legal fee is deducted from the negotiated settlement or court-awarded damages. Before committing yourself, you need to compare the legal fees charged by all the lawyers on your list. Any lawyer that charges over 30% legal fees should be eliminated from your list.