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How To Find the NC Sex Offender Registry


North Carolina takes sex offender crimes very seriously. The NC sex offender registry is easy to find, and even easier to access. The state of North Carolina wants to make sure that parents are aware of convicted sex offenders that might live near them. The state of NC also wants to make it as difficult as possible for registered sex offenders to re-offend, so the laws are very strict. Once an offender is released from their place of incarceration they have to register with the state of NC’s Department of Justice

In order to access the North Carolina sex offender registry, a person has to visit the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation website. There, they will ask that you read the agreement and agree to only use the information that you find for informational purposes.

In most cases, sex offenders will have to remain registered with the county for at least 30 years or until they die. Sex offenders in NC that are violent have to remain registered for their entire lives and are required to verify all of their information every 90 days.

The North Carolina Counties With the Most Offenders

Although there are convicted sex offenders in many counties of North Carolina the counties with the highest amount of convicted sex offenders are:

  • Wake County
  • Mecklenburg County
  • Guilford County
  • Forsyth County
  • Cumberland County

How Sex Offender Registries Work

In the wake of the horrific crime against Megan Kanka in 1996, Megan’s Law requires that all sex offenders that involve children register with their local authorities upon release from their sentences. The registration process involves collecting personal data from the offender such as name, birthdate, offenses, current residential address, and a current photograph. This information is available as public data and will allow anybody that is interested in knowing the facts to see this data. Websites throughout the country obtain this information and share it through paid, or nonpaid platforms. 

Sex Offender Degrees of Severity

Since each state has its own laws and regulations regarding how sex offenders are dealt with, some states have a level of severity, or calculated risk factor that comes into the process. In some states, sex offenses that are not as severe as others will not require a sex offender to register. In some states, a person exposing themselves by urinating in a visible area will get them a sex offense. In the state of North Carolina, most sex offenses are registerable offenses, but any sex offense that involves a minor is a definite sex offender registry requirement.

In North Carolina even in the event that a child is abducted, kidnapped, restrained, or if a person solicits any of these offenses they are eligible for sex offender registration. The state of North Carolina enforces strict compliance laws in order to maximize the efforts to protect children and other vulnerable people from sex crimes.

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