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Looking for Idaho car accident lawyers? Ask these questions


The immediate impact of a car crash can leave you speechless and dazed. If the accident happened because of the other driver’s carelessness, you should consider talking to an attorney. Idaho is a fault state, and therefore, the driver is responsible for your damages. The compensation paid (usually through their insurance company) will cover your medical bills, income losses, vehicle repair bills, and other losses. Hiring an Idaho car accident attorney can potentially increase your chances of getting fair compensation. In this post, we are sharing the questions you must ask before hiring a lawyer. 

“What is my claim worth? What can I expect in a settlement?”

Before taking legal action or filing an insurance claim, you would want to know what your claim is worth in the first place. Several factors influence what you eventually get in a settlement. For example, if you had a share in fault, your compensation would be considerably lower. You cannot claim anything if you are more at fault than the other driver or share more than 50% at fault. This is because of the modified comparative fault rule in Idaho. Similarly, if you have sustained injuries that are likely to affect your ability to work or live a normal life, your eventual settlement would be much higher. A good attorney will explain what you can expect from the case. 

“How much do I need to pay you? Can you share a fine print of the costs?”

Usually, car accident attorneys work on a contingency fee. The attorney will ask for a fee only when you win a settlement from the other party or their insurer. The contingency fee varies between 25% and 40%, depending on whether the case needs more work. Known lawyers often charge more for car accident lawsuits. You should know the costs of the case to compare the pros and cons of your decision. 

“Have you worked on car accident lawsuits similar to mine? Do you expect a trial?”

Personal injury lawyers often deal with diverse types of cases. Before you hire a lawyer, ensure that they have enough experience of working on car accident claims and lawsuits. Most accident claims are settled outside of court, but when a trial is necessary, your lawyer should be able to represent you. Experienced attorneys can always judge if a car accident lawsuit would end up in trial. 

Check online and find a reliable lawyer soon after your car accident in Idaho.