Possible Risks of Handling Your Injury Claim Alone


Surely, not all who have been through an accident needed to hire a personal injury lawyer. Depending on the nature and extent of their injuries, injured employees may opt to handle their claims without a certified attorney and skip the costly legal fees.

Although this is normal, the fact that injury claims often benefit from a lawyer’s legal expertise remains. Since the law can be complex and tends to vary, hiring a legal professional comes as a better option. Unknown to many, attempting to manage their injury claims comes with a few risks that may prevent them from obtaining the compensation they rightfully deserve.

To help you avoid reaching unfavourable case outcome, here are among the possible risks that come with trying to handle your own claim – and why it is always best to hire personal injury claims lawyers Brisbane.

Read on.

  • Nuisance-Value Settlement

Always in every injury case, the settlement value can only end up in either two results: obtaining a fair compensation or getting a “nuisance value” settlement.

In legal terms, the latter refers to the small amount of money insurance adjuster’s offer in exchange for a release of liability and to get rid of your injury claim. Generally, nuisance-value settlements come in very low offers and bear no relation to the damage formula.

These kinds of settlements often occur in case of weak injury claims that are marked by questionable injuries. Since non-lawyers normally lack the training and experience necessary to negotiate properly with an insurance carrier and demonstrate with accuracy the severity of their injuries, they are more at risk of ending up with nuisance value settlement that is far stretched from what they rightfully deserve.

  • Longer Resolutions

Another risk of not getting injury lawyers service is having to endure longer legal processes. Often, attempting to handle your claim on your own will expose you to certain steps and processes that are challenging to understand and accomplish in a timely manner. From having to prepare your medical records, collecting industry expert testimonies, reviewing police and medical records, to communicating back and forth with the insurance adjuster, there comes a lengthy list of things you must attend to.

Without the guidance of a skilled injury attorney, you are more likely to have difficulties bringing a claim or presenting required documents to properly settle or resolve your claim as quickly as possible.

  • Irreversible damage to your claim

Although ditching the need for an injury attorney might seem to be the more practical bet, representing your own claim could come with a price, leading even to irreversible damage to your claim that may significantly prejudice or lose your claim entirely.

Generally, since legal processes can be complicated and may require specific strategies, handling your own personal injury claim without the support of an experienced Brisbane compensation lawyers will lead more likely to an unfavourable result to your party.


Surely, surviving a personal injury accident is difficult enough. However, facing legal battle on your own could give you another dose of misery.

Although it’s easy to skip hiring legal professionals and handle your claim without a lawyer, there are certain risks that are especially important to consider first.