What Questions Should I Ask A Divorce Attorney?


Going through a divorce is never easy, and it can be a complicated process for anyone. When going through a divorce, you have to note that you don’t have to hire the first attorney you meet. Choosing the ideal lawyer like the Callahan Barraco divorce lawyers is imperative. It doesn’t matter whether you got a referral; you need to research the attorney’s qualifications and experience. When you decide to meet up with a lawyer, it can be awkward if you have no idea what to ask. That’s why we have a compilation of vital questions to ask a divorce attorney. The questions below will help you determine if the divorce lawyer is ideal for your case.

What do you need to know? 

When you meet with a divorce lawyer for the first time, knowing where to begin is difficult for some people. There are so many parts of your history that you can’t simply pour out in an hour or two. That’s why it’s vital that the meeting focuses on only the essential parts. By asking this question, you are giving control to the lawyer. Top lawyers like the Callahan Barraco divorce lawyers will guide you through the process. By asking this question, you ask the crucial questions that will help them gather vital information. It also puts them in the ideal position to answer further questions that you may have.

What is your preferred approach to the divorce process?

Every lawyer, including the Callahan Barraco divorce lawyers, has a different approach to the divorce process. Although the paperwork process is the same for all lawyers, how they address the case always differs. To work with a lawyer successfully, you have to understand their approach. If they are peculiar cases you expect to need help from, ask how they’ve helped previous clients in such situations to gain a positive outcome. Asking this question gives you clear insight into their strategy to make the divorce a success. You can even ask how often a court hearing will be necessary for a divorce process.

What is your communication process?

If you’re trying to get a divorce lawyer, you must learn how frequently your representative will want to connect with you. Knowing the medium of communication is also vital to the process. You must let your potential divorce lawyer know the best medium of contact for you. If you have any expectations, you should also lay them out on the table. You’re the one going through a divorce, so you have every right to be selective.