What you need to know about a Houston Estate Planning Attorney?

What you need to know about a Houston Estate Planning Attorney

Do you want to make estate plans in case something unexpected happens to you or your partner? Or do you have an ill or aging loved one in Houston, Texas, that needs help getting their estate plans in order? Estate planning can bring peace of mind. Whether you’re planning the estate of someone who is ill or planning an estate in case the unexpected happens, an experienced estate planning attorney from our Houston Estate Planning Law Firm can help you through the estate planning process in Houston, TX.

If you need help writing a will or establishing a trust, reach out to the legal team at The Titus Law Firm. We are a trusted, experienced team of family law attorneys in the Houston area, and we are here to help you protect your estate. 

Expert Legal Services from Experienced Estate Planning Lawyers

Planning your estate can be a difficult, emotional process. It’s not easy to think about what life might look like for the loved ones you leave behind after you are gone. But estate planning with an estate planning law firm in Houston, Texas, can help you protect your assets and give you some much-needed peace of mind. 

At The Titus Law Firm, our law office helps families protect their assets, write wills, establish trusts, plan out Medicaid, and more. When you are ready to take the next step in estate planning in Houston, be sure to reach out to the experienced Houston estate planning attorneys at The Titus Law Firm for a free consultation. We pride ourselves on building a strong attorney-client relationship to help you through all of your estate planning matters.

TX Estate Planning FAQs

What are some reasons a will may be legally invalid in Texas?

There are many reasons a will might be considered invalid in Texas under state estate law. If the will is drafted poorly, is found to have undue influence (or fraud), or is executed improperly, the will may not be legally valid. Find out all 5 ways a will might be invalid in Texas. If you’re worried about an invalid will, you’ll need experienced legal representation.

In Texas, what happens in probate when there isn’t a will?

If a loved one dies without a will or if they die “intestate,” it does not mean there is no hope of recovering their assets. In the State of Texas, default inheritance rules are in place for situations such as this. When this happens, the decedent’s heirs can still be determined and can receive assets through the probate process.

Who needs an estate plan in Texas?

In short, everyone needs an estate plan. One way to ensure assets go to the people you want is to have a comprehensive estate plan to spell out your wishes and intentions. An estate plan will outline your wishes for your beneficiaries and usually involves the assistance of an estate planning attorney.