Why are Witness Statements So Helpful?


When you get into an unexpected car accident, all you can think about is how you will take care of the huge pile of bills coming your way. The biggest of them all is perhaps the medical bill, which usually comes in the tens of thousands, especially if the injuries are severe and permanent. Fortunately, you do not have to pay for it on your own entirely. 

With the help of an attorney, you can collect strong evidence of your innocence and the other party’s liability and successfully recover the damages you deserve. One of the most important pieces of evidence is a witness statement, as they contain crucial information about the accident from an outsider’s point of view. Take legal consultation today. 

Reasons why witness statements are so helpful 

  • Unbiased third-party reports. 

The number one reason why witness statements are important pieces of information and evidence in car accident claims is that they come from someone who was not involved in the accident. Therefore, one can be sure that their opinions or statements are unbiased. Since witnesses are not vested in the outcome of the case, they usually do not care to lie. Statements from eyewitnesses carry more weight before the police officers and the judge. 

  • Provide information about how the accident occurred. 

Accidents may happen within a fraction of a second, leaving everyone to guess how it all took place in the first place. One person may think one party is at fault, while the other may be absolutely certain that someone else was at fault because they were on their phone. However, finding out what actually happened is never as easy as it seems. Witnesses of the accident can provide a clearer picture of what happened and bring clarity. 

  • Demonstrate your innocence. 

Along with providing information about how the accident happened or what happened in the moments leading up to the crash, eyewitnesses can also tell you whether you were innocent. Getting a statement from eyewitnesses can make your claim even stronger. Even if you were partially at fault, you could still receive some of the compensation amounts instead of losing it all. 

  • Seeing things you do not see. 

You may feel too overwhelmed during the moments after the accident and believe that you were at fault. However, you should never admit fault before speaking to an attorney and hearing what the witnesses say. Perhaps you believe you were at fault, but the other party was distracted by his phone and did not see your car. The ability of eyewitnesses to see things from an outside perspective can change everything.