Can You Sue Your Employer For Discrimination?

Business lawyer working about legal legislation in courtroom to help their customer

As an employee, you are protected by rights that enable you to work efficiently in a safe environment. Poor working conditions can negatively affect a person’s health, productivity and increase absenteeism in companies and organizations. 

Discrimination is the prejudice against a particular group of people based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disabilities, and other factors. They are treated unjustly and denied better work opportunities while being subjected to derogatory remarks and behavior. An employment attorney New Jersey can enable you to file a case against your employer for violating your rights. 

  • Lodge a report within the company:

Companies and organizations promote healthy work environments since it is beneficial for the growth of employees and the company. They create provisions where you can file reports against individuals or groups that behave towards you in a discriminatory manner. 

Filing a formal complaint indicates that you followed the necessary procedure, and a copy of the report can be used as proof in court. In addition, the relevant authority takes disciplinary action against the accused to rectify their behavior. If the discrimination against you does not stop, you have the right to file for compensation in court and hold the company liable as well. 

  • Filing a claim in court. 

You need proper evidence to submit in court to prove that your accusations are true. Recording the offensive actions and statements, along with the time, date, and exact place, and testimonies from eyewitnesses who watched or heard it happen, can support your statement. 

You can show reliable evidence about the emotions you felt when you were discriminated against, how it affected your daily activities, your ability to perform your work tasks, and your personal life. Mental deterioration such as depression and anxiety can also develop and need to be proven by medical reports issued by a psychiatrist. Moreover, if you had to quit the job or move to another one because of the working conditions, you can still file a claim. 

What is the best solution?

Employment attorneys are aware of your sufferings and try their best to help you receive compensation that covers all your losses. They are highly skilled and have worked with several other victims in the past, gaining deep insight into handling legal issues most effectively.

Additionally, an attorney’s experience enables them to guide you and collect information to support your case, and present it to the court for just compensation. The company and its attorneys might use wrongful methods to win, and your attorney protects you from it ensuring you get the justice you deserve.