Speak Against Illegal Acts in Your Office- Discrimination At Workplace


Discrimination in any form is illegal in any office but the stats show that it is real and occurs in several companies. That’s why, the laws and regulations have been laid down so that the rights of employees are protected against discrimination. Every organization has to follow these rules failing to which, employees can take strict actions against the management. Employment lawyers such as Hayber, McKenna, & Dinsmore can help employees who have been discriminated against. It is suggested to know the types of discrimination so that you can take the actions in the first place.

Racial discrimination 

We all come across racial discrimination both at the workplace and in society. The study shows that this occurs in every nation and in many companies. Based on this, they are not hired, mentored and promoted. In some cases, they are even hired because of racism. Despite the Federal laws, this remains one of the major issues even in the modern workplace. 

Discrimination during pregnancy 

During the pregnancy, a female might not be able to perform well due to several physical changes. Even the companies don’t offer jobs to females who are planning to start their families. In many cases, promotions are given to males because they don’t need to take leaves for a few months as in the case of a pregnant woman. It is one of the most common types of discrimination. Additionally, the new mothers also have to face various issues after they return to work. However, pregnant females and new mothers should be given equal rights and provided with the facilities as per their personal needs.

Gender Discrimination

It occurs when you are not assigned duties and responsibilities at your workplace because of your gender. For instance, women are sidelined from the duties where aggressive and promptness is required because they have to look after their kids at home. They may not be able to stay back at the office. On such grounds, promotions and perks are also given to males. In many cases, the wage gap is also a problem due to gender.

Disability discrimination

In this form of discrimination, the intellect and capability of a disabled person are always questioned. He or she is not considered to perform certain duties. The companies must follow and amend their policies to deal with a disabled person.

It is important to be vocal about your issues and bring them to the notice of your boss.