What Will You Do If Your Car Dealer Sells You A Lemon? Hire A Lemon Law Attorney San Diego


Buying a car is an exciting experience for you. However, if that car does not function properly, then what? It can be frustrating if you get a lemon vehicle. When a car dealer sells you a lemon car, what can you do to get a replacement vehicle or your money back? Let’s talk more about it in this article.

What is a Lemon Vehicle?

A car is considered a lemon if the car has a substantial defect that the manufacturer is not able to fix in a given time. The defect and the time given vary based on the lemon law in your state if you have one.

What Do These Laws Cover?

A vehicle which was purchased needed immediate repairs for components such as the engine, transmission and the brakes which could be life-threatening for the buyer.  Other problems that are not covered under California lemon law are the stereo, air conditioner, or other additions to the vehicle.

What Can You Do With Your Lemon Vehicle?

When you find that your car is a lemon, you need to do things fast. According to the law, the manufacturer has a few attempts to repair the problem in a 12-month period. Different state laws give even a shorter time period for this. If the vehicle is not fixed then it’s time to file a lemon law complaint.

Even if your vehicle is not a lemon, you should keep everything that is related to it. Receipts, paperwork, estimates and all the things that are required for repairs and other information of the car. It can be wise to hire a lemon law attorney California to run things smoothly. 

Do You Need a Lemon Law Attorney San Diego?

In several cases, a consumer can be fooled by a dealership by alleging that they are working on the problem. Oftentimes, these claims will be prolonged for weeks or months while you don’t have a car and will get even more frustrated. This makes the consumer frustrated and pay for the repair themselves or make an unfavourable trade.

The advantage of hiring a lemon law attorney is the experience of the attorney. The California lemon law attorney will help you in getting your recovery back and get more out of what you can recover yourself. Lemon lawyers are professionals and know these laws inside out. If your case is legitimate then you do not have to pay the lawyer as the lawyer bill goes straight to the manufacturer. 


Unsuspecting victims buy thousands of lemons every year and get duped by dealers. While there are a few laws set in place to counter this, you will have to be quick and take action against it. Hiring a lemon law attorney San Diego will help your case abundantly and you can rest easy that your case is in safe hands.