3 Services Offered by Litigation Firms and the Ways to Pick the Right Legal Firm


Court cases are not easy. The person who can seal your fate in front of a jury is a lawyer. Would you want a lawyer who doesn’t have enough experience in tackling cases inside a courtroom? Well, nobody wants that because the way a lawyer presents and channelizes a case is exactly how a jury sees you. So, in this guide, we will be throwing some light on the kinds of services that only reputable litigation firms offer and the many ways to pick the correct estate litigation lawyer brooklyn ny. Have a look!

A probate lawyer specializes in navigating the legal process of probate, assisting clients in handling the affairs of a deceased individual’s estate. Whether it involves drafting wills, managing estate administration, or resolving disputes among beneficiaries, probate lawyers offer expertise in estate planning and ensure that assets are distributed according to the deceased’s wishes or applicable laws. Their knowledge of probate laws and procedures helps ease the burden on families during what can be a complex and emotionally challenging time.

3 Most Important Services Offered by Litigation Firms 

  1. Family Law Services 

Family disputes are very tricky since a lot is in the line. The most important services that only reputable lawyers can offer are as follows. 

  • Divorce settlement. 
  • Alimony settlement. 
  • Child custody. 
  • Spousal support. 
  • Child support. 
  • Disputes related to matrimonial assets. 
  • Recognition and execution of foreign judgments.
  • Disputes related to an unfair division of matrimonial assets. 
  1. Estates Law Services 

Estates Law in Canada is quite expansive. The many services that a lawyer, thus, must offer are as follows. 

  • A fair settlement of estates. 
  • Assistance in cases of disputes arising over the credibility of a will to decide who’s the rightful heir of the property. 
  • Probate of wills. 
  • Letters of verification. 
  • Proceedings held for replacing a liquidator. 
  • Advisory services for estate planning.
  1. Trusts Services

The one thing that’s in the center of all complicated financial settlements is a Trust that holds the family assets. Hence, the role of trust lawyers is very crucial in case a dispute erupts. 

Reputable trust lawyers like the Litvack Dessureault LLP trust lawyers can help trustees and beneficiaries in the following ways. 

  1. Family patrimony is held in a family trust.
  2. A partnership of Acquest assets. 
  3. Advice and legal assistance if an ex-spouse is wrongly claiming to be a trustee or the beneficiary of a trust.
  4. Advisory services to beneficiaries and Trustees about their rights and obligations under a trust deed.
  5. Legal assistance if a creditor is trying to execute a judgment against the assets owned by a trust.

How to Pick Litigation Lawyers for Dispute Settlement? 

There are many ways in which you can find out if the lawyer you’ve hired or are planning to hire is the right person to represent you. Some of those ways are as follows. 

  1. Wise lawyers always try to find ways for out-of-court settlement since they know how long court cases can get. So, if your lawyer doesn’t offer this solution as the first piece of advice, it’s a major red flag. 
  2. Experienced lawyers have a fanbase in the form of their previous clients who they have fought for and won. So, have a look at the testimonials on the website of the litigation firm you’re eyeing. 

All in all, hiring the right lawyers is very important if you want your case to be handled in the right way.